CanSISE: Events and Meetings

The CanSISE network will hold a number of network wide and regional events over the course of its lifespan. These meetings will serve as opportunities for network members to meet each other in person, review progress to date, present current research, and organize future collaborative efforts.  

CanSISE East Meeting - January 2018, Guelph

CanSISE East Agenda (Jan 24 2018).pdf
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CanSISE 2017 Workshop - November 2017, Victoria

The 2017 CanSISE Workshop took from Nov 01-03 in Victoria BC. Our final full network workshop included more than 30 speakers covering CanSISE Deliverables 1-4, and the CanSISE Network Enhancement Initiative, North2Warm.

CanSISE Workshop 2017 Program Final (Nov
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CanSISE Pre-CMOS Workshop - June 2017, Toronto

This workshop focused primarily on recent observational work to help advance Canada’s capacity to predict sea ice and snow on seasonal and longer timescales.

CanSISE West Meeting - April 2017, Toronto

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CanSISE North2Warm Workshop - March 2017, Toronto

N2W Agenda 2017-02-28.pdf
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Dropbox link for presentations and materials for N2W Workshop:

CanSISE East Meeting - February 2017, Toronto

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CanSISE 2016 Workshop - November 2016

The 2016 CanSISE Workshop took place on November 17th and 18th 2016. Over 35 members of the network were in attendance at he University of Toronto Faculty Club for the two-day event.

CanSISE investigators, collaborators and HQP presented twenty-five exciting new science talks. The program and the presentations are available for download by following the links below.

CanSISE 2016 Worskhop Presentation Links:

Thursday Morning

Thursday Afternoon

Friday Morning

Friday Afternoon

CanSISE Workshop 2016 Program Final (Nov
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CanSISE East Meeting - June 2016, Toronto

On June 8th 2016 sixteen members of CanSISE gathered at the University of Toronto for a meeting that included four formal presentations, and a round table discussion and short presentations for new research results. Our group was also joined by Marjorie Shepherd from Environment Canada to discuss CanSISE deliverables, the Network Enhancement Initiative (NEI) proposal to NSERC, and other network updates.

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CanSISE West Meeting - May 2016, Victoria

CansiseWest2016 Agenda.pdf
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CanSISE West Meeting - October 2015, Victoria

On October 30th, 2015 more than twenty members of CanSISE gathered at the University of Victoria for a regional meeting hosted by our colleagues at PCIC. The day was filled with presentations from CanSISE investigators and HQP, as well as a talk by our invited guest Shawn Marshall from the University of Calgary (agenda below). 

CanSISE Toronto Meeting: July 2015

Fifteen CanSISE researchers local to the Toronto area gathered for an informal meeting on Friday July 24th. We were joined by guest presenters Jean-Francois Lemieux from Environment Canada and Karen Smith from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (remote presentation). For a quick look at the agenda, please see the table below.


CanSISE Network Workshop 2: March 11th - 13th 2015

Over 40 CanSISE investigators, collaborators and students from across Canada and abroad gathered at the University of Toronto Faculty Club for the second CanSISE Network workshop event in March 2015.

For downloadable materials including the workshop agenda and presentations please click here.

CanSISE Workshop 2015 Day 3

CanSISE Network member photo at the 2015 workshop outside the University of Toronto Faculty Club (March 12, 2015).
CanSISE Network member photo at the 2015 workshop outside the University of Toronto Faculty Club (March 12, 2015).

March 13th, 2015

Day three began with exciting talks by Kelly McCusker (UVic), our CanSISE PI, Paul Kushner (UofT) and a remote presentation from one of our international collaborators, James Screen (Exeter, UK). 

After lunch we continued with a very productive HQP discussion period. The workshop concluded following a meeting of the steering committee and advisory panel. 

CanSISE Workshop 2015 Day 2

Doug Smith and a slide from his presentation on Day 2.
Doug Smith and a slide from his presentation on Day 2.

March 12th, 2015

Today Doug Smith (UK MET Office), member of the CanSISE Advisory Panel starts our second day with his presentation on seasonal to decadal predictability.

CanSISE Workshop 2015 Day 1

Francis Zwiers from PCIC giving his talk on attribution.
Francis Zwiers from PCIC giving his talk on attribution.

March 11th, 2015

The 2015 CanSISE Workshop at the University of Toronto Faculty Club started this morning at 9:00am EST.

Over forty CanSISE Network investigators, collaborators and students have joined us from institutions across Canada and abroad for three days of presentations and discussion periods.

Workshop 2015 Agenda

CanSISE Workshop Agenda V3 2015.pdf
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Workshop 2015 Presentations

Day 1

900 - David Pierce.pdf
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1030 - Francis Zwiers.pdf
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1100 - Mohammad Reza Najafi.pdf
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1300 - William Hsieh.pdf
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1330 - Andrew Snauffer.pdf
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1400 - Siraj Islam.pdf
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1530 - Bruno Tremblay.pdf
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1600 - Arlan Dirkson.pdf
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1630 - Bajish CC.pdf
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Day 2

0900 - Doug Smith.pdf
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1030 - Bill Merryfield.pdf
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1100 - Aaron Berg.pdf
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1100 - Jaison Ambadan.pdf
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1130 - Lawrence Mudryk.pdf
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1300 - Reinel Sospedra Alfonso.pdf
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1330 - Chris Derksen.pdf
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1400 - Chris Fletcher.pdf
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1500 - Chad Thackeray.pdf
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1600 - Maryam Namazi.pdf
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1630 - Alexander Slavin.pdf
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Day 3

900 - Kelly McCusker.pdf
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1030 - James Screen.pdf
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Past Events

Recent Publications

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Kushner, P. J., and Coauthors, 2018: Canadian snow and sea ice: assessment of snow, sea ice, and  related climate processes in Canada’s Earth system model and climate-prediction system. The Cryosphere, 12, 1137–1156, doi:10.5194/tc-12-1137-2018.

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