CanSISE: Organization

Institutional Partners


        University of Toronto
  University of Victoria
  University of Northern British Columbia
  York University
  University of Waterloo
  University of Guelph
  McGill University
  University of British Columbia
    Environment Canada
  Climate Research Division (Downsview)
  Canadian Climate Centre for Modelling and Analysis
  Canadian Ice Service
  Meteorological Research Division
    Non-Governmental Partner
  Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium


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    Principal Investigator 

       Paul Kushner (funded)        Link      University of Toronto
   Steering Committee     
  Chris Derksen (funded) Link CRD/Environment Canada
  Stephen Déry (funded) Link University of Northern British Columbia
  Greg Flato Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Chris Fletcher (funded) Link University of Waterloo
  John Fyfe (funded) Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Christian Haas (funded) Link York University
  Stephen Howell Link CRD/Environment Canada
  William Merryfield (funded) Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Francis Zwiers (funded) Link Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
   Advisory Panel (unfunded)    
  Cecilia Bitz Link University of Washington
  Tom Carrieres Link CIS/Environment Canada
  Humphrey Melling Link Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  David Pierce Link Scripps
  Doug Smith Link UK Met Office
  Adrienne Tivy Link CIS/Environment Canada
   Other funded collaborators    
  Aaron Berg Link University of Guelph
  Nathan Gillett Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  William Hsieh Link  University of British Columbia
  Bruno Tremblay Link McGill University
   Other Canadian collaborators     
  Stéphane Belair Link MRD/Environment Canada
  George Boer Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Ross Brown Link CRD/Environment Canada
  Alex Cannon Link Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
  Marco Carrera Link MRD/Environment Canada
  Slava Kharin Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Maryam Namazi Link University of Victoria
  Knut von Salzen Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Markus Schnorbus Link Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
  John Scinocca Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Michael Sigmond Link CCCma/Environment Canada
  Xuebin Zhang Link CRD/Environment Canada
   International collaborators (unfunded)
  Camille Li Link University of Bergen
  James Screen Link University of Exeter
  Seok-woo Son Link Seoul National University
  Laurent Terray Link



Project Manager

       Bob Christensen                           University of Toronto

Active Highly Qualified Personnel

    Michael Allchin  

University of Northern British Columbia

      Jaison Ambadan   

University of Guelph

    Bakr Badawy  

University of Waterloo

    Russell Blackport   University of Toronto
    Charles Brunette   McGill University

Louis Renaud-Desjardins

  McGill University

Patricia DeRepentingny

  McGill University
    Arlan Dirkson   University of Victoria
    Marie-Eve Gagne   University of Victoria
    Stephanie Hay   University of Toronto
    Tyler Herrington   University of Waterloo
    Siraj ul-Islam   University of Northern British Columbia
    Megan Kirchmeier-Young   University of Victoria
    Fred Laliberte   CRD/Environment Canada
    Kelly McCusker   University of Victoria
    Lawrence Mudryk   University of Toronto
    Bennit Muller   University of Victoria
    Thomas Newman   University of Toronto
    Alexandar Slavin   McGill University
    Andrew Snauffer   University of British Columbia
    Reinel Sospedra-Alfonso   University of Victoria
    Neil Tandon   University of Toronto
    Chad Thackeray   University of Waterloo
    James Williams   McGill University